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Goldstein Policy Solutions LLC

New Washington Firm, Goldstein Policy Solutions LLC, Launches to Address Disruption of Shifting U.S. Economy


Policy Solutions LLC. operates as a consulting firm. The Firm focuses on financial services, technology, transportation, travel, private equity, telecommunications, real estate, media, innovation issues, as well as education. Goldstein Policy Solutions serves clients in the State of District of Columbia.

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Lon Goldstein, President, and Maryam Cope, former Managing Partner, announced the official launch of their firm, Goldstein Policy Solutions LLC (GPS).

GPS serves as a strategic partner in Washington to the technology, financial services, telecommunications and travel sectors offering a modern approach to public policy consulting that will help their clients succeed in business.

GPS provides a fresh approach to government affairs by anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the impact of a shifting economy and the rapid evolution of technology over the past two decades. The new firm will help clients anticipate and influence public policy and regulatory transformations, including those that are disrupting almost every aspect of the U.S. economy and altering today's business approaches and techniques.

"Goldstein Policy Solutions was formed when we saw a gap in the market; companies and organizations need dynamic policy solutions for the problems of tomorrow. We've worked with and for some of the best teams in town, and that informs our approach tremendously," said Lon Goldstein.

"Through our diverse range of expertise and extensive knowledge in influencing policy and navigating the halls of Congress, Goldstein Policy Solutions helps businesses bridge the gap with regulators and policymakers that oversee a business community that is moving faster than policy can react," said Maryam Cope.

GPS clients include T-Mobile, CIT Group, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Lon Goldstein has over 20 years of professional experience in public policy and has worked in leadership positions in the financial services, media, and telecommunications industries. Most recently, Lon served as Senior Vice President, Government Relations at CIT Group Inc., a financial holding company with approximately $50 billion in assets. In 2010, he established the first Washington, D.C., office for CIT Group, which was named "one of the best Washington teams of any of the banks" by Washington Research Group. Lon has also worked at Merrill Lynch, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and as a policy advisor on Capitol Hill.

Maryam Cope has deep expertise in government relations and public policy on innovation issues, including cybersecurity, data privacy, and online commerce. Most recently, Maryam spearheaded the American Hotel and Lodging Association's (AHLA) government advocacy in technology and e-commerce. She previously worked at the Information Technology Industry Council as their lead cybersecurity lobbyist, and on Capitol Hill including time working for the current U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and for the Senate Commerce Committee as a Professional Staff member.

Tony Russo, Vice President, Federal Legislative Affairs, T-Mobile, added,

"Lon and his team lead the pack in providing insightful, thorough, and collaborative government relations consulting in Washington. T-Mobile is happy to be working with the GPS team."

Russ Schrader, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), said,

"We are pleased to be working closely with Maryam and Lon to educate government stakeholders on the real-world impact of our country's cyber challenges. Through their bipartisan approach and expertise, NCSA is best positioned to address any challenges ahead."

Brian Crawford, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), noted,

"Maryam's policy experience and expertise have proved invaluable to AHLA and the hotel industry throughout her time at AHLA. I am confident that Goldstein Policy Solutions is well positioned to serve their clients."

The firm plans to expand by growing its leadership team and doubling its client base by the end of 2018.

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